Melanie Fiona Takes Us To Church

Melanie Fiona is many things: a singer who can really sing, an exotically gorgeous beauty and a natural comedian. Of those three traits, I have to say that the most endearing one for me is her ability to cut up anytime, anyplace. The woman is freaking hilarious. She has jokes for days and isn't afraid to laugh and be laughed at. And you'll probably do just that when you press play below on this video of Melanie acting like a preacher to an audience of her crew. Between Fiona preaching about "the devil that lives in Auto-Tune" and the "Amen" breakdown at the end, there are nuff laughs to be had here. Talk about a great way to start the day. Hallelujah!


2 Responses

  1. *speaking in tongues*

  2. what happened to the link?


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