Morning Soul: Chickens Is Watching

  • Get ready. A new MJ-themed Vegas Cirque Du Soleil show may be on the horizon. [IDOL]
  • Speaking of MJ, a portrait of him at an LA auction sold for $812,000. Wow. [TOI]
  • Alicia Keys looks very soppable nice on the new Uptown mag cover. [SR]
  • Oh, boy. Whitney is scheduled to perform at the AMAs. Cross your fingers. [EW]
  • Mary J. Blige will be featured on the CBS 11th Annual A Home For the Holidays special next month. [TFC]
  • Diddy's got a new project. His name is Justin Bieber. Run, kid. Run!  [MTV]

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1 Response

  1. Poor Justin, Diddy is a dream killer. Hope he doesn't sign with Bad Boy. Being on Bad Boy is like being in the witness protection program.


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