Mos Def’s ‘Taxi’ Will Help You Find Your Way Home

Despite my love for Mos Def, I have never once seen him live. I've heard mixed reviews of his live performances, although I have always loved what I have heard, this being one such example. It's no matter since my love for his style remains unwavering. Likewise with this clip of "Taxi" a track featuring Mos from Ski Beatz's (see: Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt and Camp Lo's Uptown Saturday Night) upcoming album. Mos manages to sound relaxed yet incredibly serious on this track, some of which was recorded live as you can see in the video, and from what I see so far, I'm loving it. Wondering why Damon Dash is in the video? This video is but one offering being unveiled weekly as part of Creative Control,  a collaboration between himself and directing duo Coodie & Chike (see: Kanye West's "Through The Wire" and others). See how we put you onto the hot new ish? No worries. You're always welcome.

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  1. Between this and seeing the videos of Mos on the Blakroc Project, dude is definitely one of those trying to take part in pushing hip hop further and into more creative realms.
    BTW I saw Mos in concert in Ann Arbor, MI and at Howard University Homecoming back in 99 not too long after "Black on Both Sides" came out and he rocked it at both.

  2. Because it's part of Dame Dash's BlakRock project

  3. Because it's part of Dame Dash's BlakRock project

  4. is it possible that mos def is underrated because this is awesome stuff. it's artistic which is something we don't see alot of in rap/hip hop anymore.

  5. Dame was in the video because Ski Beats will be a regular segment on Dash's new Internet Tv network Dash has some nice hipster entertainment there including a video from the group Voodoo Farm.


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