‘My Life’ At 15: ‘You Bring Me Joy’

"I don't know what I would do / Do without you / In my life, boy..."

Barry White's "It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me," laid the foundation, but "You Bring Me Joy" was the house that Mary J. Blige built. As the second track and fourth single from My Life, this was a song that had "hit" written all over it. The sample was a stroke of genius underneath Mary's heartfelt harmonies wrapped around lovelorn lyrics. In "You Bring Me Joy" she tries to convince her man that her love is for real, as if there
was any question after listening to this track. It's almost as if Mary was the one pursuing instead of the one being pursued. This no doubt spoke volumes to where she was in her life at the time and to the love that she wasn't getting but wanted oh so badly. On top of all that, the song had the nerve to be a club banger. When this joint came on back in the day you couldn't not move and may have even found yourself recreating the dance moves from the video (after the bounce). This song was sheer Hip Hop Soul perfection.

After the bounce

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    "Oooooh, ooooh, ooooh boi, I'll be your toy!" LUV IT! Rest assured, you could still play this @ the club, and have everyone on their feet, with hands in the air.

  2. Again, that bassline is undeniable, but what really carries the song is during the changes when Mary goes into....."So much joooooooy" and the horns kick in. Sheer magic!

  3. Muzik, I was just about to quote that exact line. love this song! that beat is sooooo infectious! and Soulrific you are right! "so much joooooy! in my woooooorld! be my man, and I'll be your giiiiiirrrrl!"
    and I loved Mary's hair in this video. lol


  5. Mary always did have the best female dancers in her videos. And to add to that, I always appreciated Mary for being one of the first R&B artists of the early 90's to dance with her background dancers in her videos. She did that waaaaaay before Aaliyah.

  6. @REECIE
    GREAT MINDS think alike! lol

  7. I played the audio clip, and the music video clip at the same time.....And tried to play them at the same time, but instead I got this tight echo effect, because they were very slightly off on exact timing!

  8. You make me VEEERRRYY HAAPPPYYY! (in her slight raspy voice)

  9. exelente muy bueno gracias Barry White desde Argentina muy bueno