Quiet Bounce: ‘Gloria’ Is ‘Dynamite’

I have yet to see the movie Black Dynamite, but I have fallen head over platforms in love with the music from the film, specifically the Black Dynamite score. It's as if Adrian Younge recorded this in a time capsule; it's incredible how authentic the music sounds. My favorite song on the score is "Gloria (Zodiac Letters)," which is all Afro Sheen and Nag Champa, Jean Nate and Brut. Younge dazzles on the production while singer Toni Scruggs mesmerizes with her vocals. Her voice gets into you like a deep tissue massage. Turn the lights off, turn your lava lamp on, press play below and feel the vibe. Can you dig it?

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4 Responses

  1. My personal fave off this album. This joint stays on repeat.

  2. Ha, I remember this song from the sex scene in the film!

  3. And this is exactly why we're ace boon coons. Although our relationship is in jeopardy over that Jean Nate mention. o_O I was listening to this track on repeat just this morning. Love. it!
    I did happen to see the movie this past weekend and lemme tell Soulrific said, .the song SO fit the scene! You can hit the sheets or you can hit the streets, ya dig?


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