Quiet Bounce: If You Love Me, Take Me Higher

This edition of Quiet Bounce is a bit more bouncier than usual, but I can't help it. I've been in a House mood as of late, and this track has been getting it's fair share of play on any available outlet that has a speaker attached to it. Lil' Louis was mentioned on an earlier post today and with good reason. His Journey With The Lonely was a House album that was able to cross over so many genres because it was just so unequivocally good. It was at once jazzy, soulful, and sometimes preachy, but always effortless in its approach. His was the sound that provided the influence for several an R&B jam in the early '90s for good reason. One of the reasons is below. 

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5 Responses

  1. This entire CD is gorgeous... I listen to it regularly to this day

  2. His first full length is pretty good too, though harder to find. It includes maybe my favorite house track ever, "French Kiss," which is the best approximation of sex as music I've ever heard.

  3. Club Lonely!!!!!!

  4. I still have this cd, it was so jazzy, people still ask ,who is that.Funny How You Love is the jam.

  5. Proudly, I have this album on every format: vinyl, CD, and cassette. "If U Luv Me", "Dancin In My Sleep", and "Share" are definite sure shots!!!


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