When Mary J. Showed Us What She Could ‘Do’

You know, I feel like Kiki Shepard should be doing this post, as it seems like an old school "Apollo Legend Moment." Heh. The year was 1990. Uptown/MCA Records recording artist Father MC had just hit the scene with catchy, if largely forgettable lyrics. Yet, there was something about his tracks that made you listen all the way through. It was his backup talent. Even back then, Puffy knew exactly what would sell, employing the likes of K-Ci and JoJo of fledgling group Jodeci to croon the hook on Father's hit, "Treat 'em Like They Wanna Be Treated," to great success. And then, as if to just give her a taste of the spotlight, to see what she could do, he placed an unknown named Mary J. Blige on his track entitled "I'll Do 4 U." Singing the hook against the sample of Cheryl Lynn's "Got To Be Real," the song took off. And a star was well on the way. Check out a very young MJB in the video below.

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6 Responses

  1. Love "I'll Do 4 U" and "Encore", but y'all got the sample's "Got to Be Real".

  2. Wow... Id venture to say Bobby Brown's My Prerogative video influenced this one just slightly 🙂

  3. Duly noted, Mike. And changed. 🙂

  4. Father MC is now washing cars at your local car wash:) I actually saw this dude in Germany back in 94/95 he was drunk off his ass slurring his words, Jodeci however did represent, Mary was MIA but I still gots love her:)

  5. Wow. That chick did NOT age well. AT ALL. The only other black person I can think of that aged less gracefully is Rick James.

  6. I remember this joint as well as "One Night Stand" which I believe Mary also sang back up for Father MC.


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