Are Mary J. Blige & Jazmine Sullivan ‘Gonna Make It’?

After listening to "Gonna Make It," the bonus track from Mary J. Blige's Stronger With Each Tear, I understand exactly why this is a bonus cut. Jazmine Sullivan, who is also featured on this song, is the perfect foil to Mary's emotionally-tinged verses about living to love and giving so much. For all of you missing Mary sing about struggling and overcoming--myself included--you'll love this. Though "Gonna Make It" would never had made it as a single, it's rousing message is a great way to end an album and to get you up and out of your seat.

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  1. A duet between these two had not even entered my head, but in retrospect it's perfect!
    I'm not crazy about the track, but after a cpl of listens it's growing on me. So far this is my favourite track that has leaked from the new project, havn't really felt anything else.

  2. Love these 2 together. Great message in the music.

  3. the music reminds of the madmen theme for some reason.

  4. It is rare that you see two FEMALE artists on the same track in this day and age singing together and inspiring the people....I love the sound and the soul that is coming from both of them in this song...
    Respect ♥

  5. Do yall gotta scream thru the entire song? (Mo'nique) LOL

  6. Totally AWESOME when I first heard the song, heard Jazmine and was blown, LOVE HER. Mary J Blige has OUT DONE her self AGAIN. The song has just lifted me HIGHER in MY DESTINY PURPOSED. Life presents us ALL with trials and tribulations, however the WINNERS MINDSET are the only 1`s whose "GONNA MAKE IT." KUDOS to 2 DYNAMIC WOMAN MARY J BILIGE & JAZMINE SULLIVAN.... I would LOVE to SOMEDAY pesonally thank YOU 2 for YOUR MUSIC has set me on MY PATH TO "DESTINY PURPOSED." This is my THEME SONG for "2010" this year Iam taking back ALL that was taken from me since 11/6/68. My New Year for "2010" I professed BEHOLD....PROCEED.... MANIFESTATION.... NOW I live for my "DESTINY PURPOSED" with my theme SONG "GONNA MAKE IT."
    Thanking You In Advance,
    Monique' C Bryant


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