D’Angelo Has A ‘Joint’ For You

This past weekend, Questlove, the Twitter soothsayer that he is, unleashed the full acoustic version of D'Angelo's "Spanish Joint" from Voodoo. Despite the comment thread debate over whether Voodoo was a genre-pushing album or not, most if not all of us can agree that not only was the original "Spanish Joint" was a heady concoction that most of us hadn't experienced with our new artists who we knew and loved. Although I had heard this version before on a mixtape, it was far too short of a sample and left me rewinding that part over and over again. There has been much speculation as to when he will be releasing a new album but, until that day comes, you can always reminisce with this.

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7 Responses

  1. Just what I needed...damn D!!!!

  2. I'm one of those D stans that is sitting on my hands in positive anticipation, just waiting for his new album. And I love that Quest throws us a bone every now and then. SPANISH JOINT IS THE ISH!! Even those that didn't like Voodoo has to admit that S.J was a soothing, multi-textured piece of music in the stale musical landscape of 2000. Just sayin'.

  3. Lets see......D, leaves Angie because she's not skinny enough or pretty enough after he strikes it big. He then proceeds to release a shit brick second album, gains 100 pounds and damn near kills himself. Maybe he should write a new song and call it karma.............:) The voodoo album was a turd of an album and should not be discussed in public:)

  4. this has always been my favorite d'angelo song. the chord progressions have a certian (brace yourself) coltrane quality to them. i was always impressed that he didn't settle and do the same boring compositions that were going around at the time and decided to put something out that WOULDN'T be appreciated by the masses but was high on musicianship nonetheless. wish more cats did that.

  5. This brings back great memories. I was fortunate enough to go to the Voodoo tour. I still keep Voodoo in the rotation. If only D would come back....


  7. @stoneyisland "a turd of an album"?!?!?!?!!?! You MUST be retarded smh.....Voodoo was a Grammy winning BEAST of an album that would overshadow anything if you put it out even today. Best album of that decade could be a proper description....and who says "turd" anyway? You have to be some simple ass loser...