D’Angelo Shares Some ‘Africa’ With You

sexy_d'angelo.jpgAfter yesterday's Diggin' In The Crates featuring D'Angelo's "Spanish Joint," a good friend of mine sent me this present. It's not that I've never heard this acoustic version of "Africa" before, but I had never heard it in its entirety. Before you music engineers jump on the less-than-perfect sound quality, this recording likely wasn't meant to be officially released. If you listen really closely at the absolute end of the track, you'll hear D'Angelo muse "Whatever's going on in Marvin's..." It's not like I'm trying to coax D'Angelo out his foxhole with my adoration of his songs that are 10 years old or anything, I'm just trying to gently make it known that the natives are restless.

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4 Responses

  1. My heart start beating fast @ that piano, this was dope.

  2. MY heary started beating fast at a two-day-in-a-row D'angelo post! That man practically owns my musical heart, his voice instantly weaves vivid stories in my mind. He's my inspo, lol. Africa is such a beautiful song, the piano throughout is honey sweet and leaves a satisfying aftertaste in my ears. Can you tell I love D? Lol...

  3. I love this version...