In Spite Of It All, Corinne Bailey Rae Does It ‘Again’

Your heart can't help but go out to Corinne Bailey Rae who suffered such a tragic loss last year with her husband's untimely death. In the time that she's been out of the public eye, she's taken time to grieve and also record a new album, The Sea, which we can't wait to get in our hands on January 26th. Until then, our curiosity about her new music is being satisfied with the release of the single and now video for "I'd Do It All Again." Darker than her previous videos, the visuals for this song are as melancholy as the lyrics. We see Corinne waking up and going through the motions of her day over and over again throughout the clip. Knowing what she's been through gives this video context and meaning. She should be commended for even being able to get out of bed much less creating another body of work that sounds like it's going to be a must-own.


9 Responses

  1. wow...
    the video concept beautifully displayed...the song hauntingly exquisite...
    the simplicity of the video complimented the delicateness of the track...well done CBR!

  2. I liked this way more than I thought I would.

  3. Very Haunting but beautiful melody. Love how well the video is directed.

  4. This song gives me chills ... she sounds beautiful.
    I need to catch her live once 'The Sea' drops.

  5. Beautiful. I'm sold. Welcome back, Corrinne...

  6. OMG this is beautiful. she looks great and this song is perfect 4 her! 10/10

  7. I was never a fan of CBR but after hearing this song, I was floored. It's hauntingly beautiful and poignant arrangement had me at "Oooh..."
    I'll definitely be buying this album when it drops.

  8. Avatar

    Go, ahead, go ahead, go AHEAD, Corrine!! I can't wait to get my hands on this. Many props to her, especially in light of her tragedy.
    Thank you for finding the strength to allow us listeners into such a private place.

  9. I just love this girl. From day one she captured my heart with her style and music. This song is so touching. I can't wait to hear the new album.