It’s A ‘Cold’ World For Kev Choice

Bay Area native Kev Choice has been making beats for as long as I can remember when we first got acquainted as undergrads at Xavier University of Louisiana. Times have changed, but they really do remain the same, as Kev is still making beats, rhyming, and banging away at the keyboards just like he did back then. His latest track, "So Cold," tells of the perils we all have come to terms with as we've grown and matured. Of course, the message is a little easier to swallow with a synth-laden, though not overdone, beat. I can honestly say without traces of nepotism that I'm digging it and think that you'll likely welcome this track as a nice addition to your music library.

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3 Responses

  1. This is FRESH!!!

  2. Represent XU! I have been following this cat since he was part of a group call Concept of A.L.P.S.. I pray other people recognize Kev's talent.

  3. @ XULA98
    You brought it back with Concept of A.L.P.S. LOL I almost forgot about them. Yes, XU all day. Class of '97 🙂


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