Jesse Boykins III Recreates ‘Beauty’ On Its Anniversary

And the remixes just don't stop. To celebrate The Beauty Created's one year anniversary, Jesse Boykins III released a remix album featuring an array of producers who have out their own unique spin on his material. If you've been up on JBIII's recent remixes that we've been posting on SoulBounce, then some of these you may already be familiar with. There are, however, more surprises in store even for those ardent JBIII fans, including an electric guitar-heavy demo track, "Dirt," produced by Derek Taylor and JBIII. Take a listen to this track, as well as one that caught my ear below. Then peep the tracklist and get your freeload on by clicking the link. 

  1. AmorUs (MeL-X)
  2. Chanel (Machine Drum)
  3. Amorous (Afta-1)
  4. Chanel (Body Language)
  5. Itis (Keelay ft The Park)
  6. Shine (Christian Rich)
  7. Itis (Lemar Guillary)
  8. Shine (Ruckazoid)
  9. Itis (Applejac)
  10. Chanel (Daru)
  11. Be All Truth (DJ C-MAC)
  12. Be All Truth (Mr. D Turner & Groovework)
  13. *Bonus
  14. Hide & Seek (MeLo-X)
  15. Dirt- Demo (Derek Taylor & JB3)

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  1. I like him! Thanks for hipping him to me SB!


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