Maxwell Thinks Being Nominated For A Grammy Is ‘Better Than Chocolate Cake’

After his knockout tribute to Michael Jackson on the Grammy Award nominations concert and being recognized with six nominations, Maxwell was asked to reflect on what it would mean to win. The guy holding the mic appears to have no knowledge of who Maxwell actually is and asks some rather banal questions to which the singer is equally bemused. Graciously, of course. Other than stating that the feeling of being nominated is somewhat better than chocolate cake which I have a serving of right here for him to come get, he thinks it would wonderful to be recognized by his peers. Which he so totally deserves.

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5 Responses

  1. My Maxwell-stan sister has the whole chocolate cake baked and ready for the fork. I just have a corner for him. LOL!

  2. A Grammy ain't what it use to be. Micheal Jackson won 8 Grammys for Thriller...which was a ground breaking album/video's. While there are some talented group of individuals being nominated....I will bet you a gazillion dollars looks will play a big part in who wins and the general theme will be sex, penises and cheating.

  3. Congratulations to Maxwell on his nominations! But what the heck was all that yelling in the background? How disrespectful!!!
    (pre-heating the oven)

  4. dude is about as straight as Tyler Perry.................He should legally change his name to Atlanta and be done with it:)

  5. This is perfect for him..Maxwell is a legend in my opinion and his last album was the shit! YUM!


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