Maxwell’s MJ Tribute Gives A Classic New ‘Life’

As much as we may want to give others their props, 2009, without a doubt, has been the year of Maxwell. The man has been everywhere, from international tours to multiple appearances on network television (CBS, CNN, etc.) to almost every awards show. The exposure has been extensive and extremely well-deserved. Last night, during the 52nd Grammy Awards nomination special on CBS, not only was Maxwell recognized with six nominations for Blacksummers'night (including Song Of The Year, Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, Best Pop Instrumental Performance, Best Male R&B Vocal Performance, Best R&B Song & Best R&B Album), but was also tapped to perform a tribute to the late MIchael Jackson. The Brooklyn native unleashed a stirring rendition of the King of Pop's "Lady in My Life" that left many a lady in a puddle where they stood. Turns out that was just the warm up, as the crooner also performed a post-show concert for the crowd. Below is the MJ tribute performance, which puts a pretty-winged bow on what has been a great year. Enjoy.

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  2. Owwww! Ok, he needs to record that, he took it to a whole other level of sexy and no, Ne-Yo's rendition couldn't even dream of touching that!

  3. I so loved this performance and yes, he should record this song...maybe on a MJ tribute album. I'm just saying.

  4. Maxwell still keeps it Mellowsmoothe!

  5. Wonderful!! Max sings like an angel πŸ™‚
    He should also cover "Man in the Mirror", "Rock with You,Baby be mine" etc. Bet it'll be amazing!!

  6. i don't know what i'm waiting for. i need to just go ahead and marry him. lol πŸ˜€
    that was absolutely beautiful!! love me sum maxwell. agrees with Bella completely.

  7. His falsetto is just not there anymore and he sounded pretty nasal...
    Love him, but this was not good. *ducks tomatoes*

  8. @anon
    You are right. It's all about painting toenails, eating, and riding the crimson tide with him.

  9. Love Maxwell and his voice but there are some songs I'm just not ready to hear sung by anyone else.
    This is one of them.

  10. I just don't get all the reverential treatment being accorded MJ. Yes, he was a game changing performer. Yes, he was an icon. Yes, his music is the soundtrack to millions of people's lives (including mine); but some people might as well call the damn Vatican and ask the Pope to consider him for sainthood, the way they are carrying on about MJ.
    It was a tribute to MJ, what was Maxwell suppose to sing "The Thong Song"?
    I think Maxwell's rendition of "The Lady in My Life" was quite good, no it was better than good. So give the man his props. His falsetto was fine, his tenor was fine and if I read one more comment about Maxwell sounding "nasally" I am going to make that person listen to Miley Cyrus continually for a year. *rolls eyes*
    Smokey Robinson thought it was good, enough said.

  11. i just threw my underwear at the computer screen.. SAAAAANGGG maxwell..

  12. Maxwell is Great!!!!!!! He is so Angelic. My Favorite MJ song, Lady in my Life. Love MJ and love Maxwell ,they are both great!! Wow !!!! I cannot stop watching this performance..

  13. He did good, but no one, and I mean no one can sing this song like Michael. Man Michael was begging for the goodies in this song!

  14. He did good, but no one, and I mean no one can sing this song like Michael. Man Michael was begging for the goodies in this song!

  15. Maxwell's "Lady of my life" version of Michael Jackson composition is absolutely wonderful. There is no other artist that I can imagine doing this song better. I have always been an admirer of Maxwell. This gentlemen has a spirit to move mountains, rivers, the women, and especially my heart! Michael Jackson will always be an inspiration to musicians and remembered. Thank you Maxwell for providing the world a wonderful Tribute and performance on behalf of Michael Jackson. I'm sure he smiling in heaven!
    Peace and blessing,


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