Peer Into Erykah’s Mind’s Eye As She Readies ‘Return Of The Ankh’

The internet was abuzz last week when Erykah Badu hosted two listening sessions for music writers and bloggers--cough! cough!--that we were not invited to. No matter, we're huge stans of hers and willing to wait like everyone else until February when New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh drops. Despite some drama that ensued when someone dared to record a portion of the session, Creative Control TV was there to record parts of these sessions, including Erykah's thought process on her new album. Can't wait would be an understatement. Take a look at what's in store below.


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  1. Long as it's better than part 1. I read it's a throwback to her debut with real music and not this hip hop phse she has been stuck in

  2. I really hate when people talk with gum in their mouth. Just saying.

  3. Let's hope for a return to form here and a clearing of the fog she's been in. Having all those babies for the hip-hop community has this chick all twisted up. She hasn't been on her A game in a minute.

  4. @Tafari that's all I noticed in the clip

  5. @[fung'ke][blak][chik] I actually lost interest after I saw her chewing the gum. I find it to be totally disrespectful, but that's me.
    In terms of her most recent work, I haven't heard anything that I disliked since she debuted. As a matter of fact, Ive enjoyed the artistic progression that she been on album after album. I look at each release with an expectation of something different from the last.
    In my eyes, it's hard for Badu to go wrong, well, unless she's chewing gum at the time.

  6. Not counting mine, 50% of the comments on this post are wack.
    New Amerykah was (is) ill. The fruits of her uterus have nothing to do with it.

  7. @Tafari I didn't think so many ppl disliked her last one..i personally enjoyed if this one is even better than the last..than so be it.

  8. New Amerykah is my SHIZNIT! I can see where ppl didn't get it, but I did. Im a virgin vigo who loves Venus bitches! There is not one sone that I have not rocked on auto repeat.
    If Return of the Ankh is an extension of New Amerykah, it simply will be pure fire.
    Again, In my eyes, it's hard for Badu to go wrong, well, unless she's chewing gum at the time.

  9. Thank you, Stylus. God forbid I have babies with three of the dopest rappers alive and don't to marry them or anyone else. God forbid I have a career that allows me the freedom to share myself with the world and have those same people who loved my music try to say that I'm not a shining example of what a woman should be.
    I understand why everyone has an opinion on it, and I explored some of those reasons here. So long as I don't have to hear about her children acting up in the news, and she manages to go on tour while her baby is still an infant and can still turn shit out on stage and on record, I don't care. And honestly, neither should we.

  10. I thought New Amerykah Pt1 was universally loved (at least by Badu fans) but hey obviously i'm wrong. I have loved every song/album/collab this lady has put out and i'm sure this will be no different.
    As for those that see fit to comment on Ms Badu's personal life, i'm sure some of us could comment on aspects of your life for one reason or another!

  11. Amerykah Pt1 was the shit. One of the best albums of 2008. You do you baby girl, no one can touch you.
    "Return of the Ankh" will be FIRE, cannot wait.

  12. I was pissed at this video. All I got was a small little inkling of what is going on with Badu and hardly got nothing about the new album. I NEED MORE, please. I'm dying over here!


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