Toni Braxton’s Got Her ‘Hands Tied’

I want Toni Braxton's comeback album to be great. I really do. I've always been a fan of her voice and, even when she went through her "let's prance around half naked" stage, I remained a ride-or-die fan. So you know I tried to get with the song "Yesterday," which became a hot buttered mess once Trey Songz (who clearly also invented singing off-key) was added to the mix. Couldn't do it. Thankfully, another track that may appear on her forthcoming album, Pulse, leaked entitled "Hands Tied." This one is more like it, with the Maryland native showing off the lower register that made me fall in love all those years ago, letting her lover know that she can do whatever it takes to make them happy. I can definitely get with this. Let us know what you think.

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  1. damn this is the first song that I have heard in years where she sounds like she did on her first album.

  2. Pretty good. Been a long time since anyone has heard from Ms. Braxton. Definatly looking forward to anything else coming up.

  3. She's back! Ms.Braxton has an audience out there...I don't know why the top R&B vocalists of the 90's can't have the longevity that Gladys Knight Patti LaBelle and Aretha had. They were ON TOP of the industry in the 60's 70's 80 and 90's! off the top of my head Mary J.Blige is the lone star frm that era....Toni fell off WAY too soon....Here's to her continued success 🙂

  4. I agree, this is pure Toni Braxton. It will be nice to hear new music from her, especially if her other new tracks bring out the best in her voice. Thanks for sharing.

  5. her first 2 albums made me fall in love with soul music. Her low tender signature voice promised so much and I feel that Ms. Braxton never delivered. First problem is that she lacked sincerity, I always felt like she is trying to hide musically since "Secrets" and give us this "polished" photoshop version of a heartbreak. "yesterday" was good - light vocal pop until... the kiss and the video and the whole silly mess. Second is her low musical self esteem issue. Are you a Rihanna or an Aretha? It seems like we don't buy you are the first and you don't believe you are the second...What is the point in getting half naked and changing 10 times a video when we would have worshiped the musical ground you walk on if you were singing "you mean the world to me" in jeans and a tanktop. Anyways, I am with you on the whole "let this be a good album" thing... and although I found some comfort in "never just for a ring" an "trippin'" it ain't "let it flow"... I am constantly disappointed by her constantly trying to satisfy the wrong crowd of listeners...

  6. i really love this SONG.GOOOO TONI


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