Full Crate & Mar Open Up Their ‘Conversations’ With You

January 15th may still be on the horizon, but luckily we got the goods when it comes to Full Crate & Mar's new EP, Conversations With Her. Ever since we learned of its pending release last month, we've been chomping at the bit to just hear something--anything--from it. Thanks to select online retailers, it is now available as a digital release. Granted this five-track EP contains tracks that were already released previously, so it makes sense that it's the two tracks that we hadn't heard that have us salivating. "She Was Fly" featuring Eric Roberson is as wonderful as you would expect it to be, his melismatic runs and all. "I Said" is another favorite of mine, a track so rich and fulfilling, you'll want to swirl it around like pudding before you inhale all of it. Be sure to show our friends some love and purchase this by clicking the link below. Support some good music and it will return the favor several times over. After the bounce, check out the promo video for this project featuring some international loveliness.

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3 Responses

  1. I done just pickeded this up on I love it! And sorry for the Negro dialect.

  2. I'm gonna cop this. It's strange but this FEELS like real music. Not just a track with somebody screaming or 'free-stylin'' (I blame Lil' Wayne) all willy-nilly. Just...solid.

  3. I would've never known about this group w/out Soulbounce. Love their music.


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