H-Town & Friends Are ‘Knockin Your Heels’ Again. We Don’t Know Why Either.

In October of 2009, H-Town ventured a comeback with Jodeci in tow, releasing the single "Knockin Your Heels." The song created barely a buzz, so, pray tell, what was the rationale for creating a remix to this lackluster doozy that does little to take one down Memory Lane to even remember the good times of the '90s? In the "Knockin Your Heels" remix H-Town has made it clear that they have found a decade they have deemed their favorite (the '90s) and they are sticking to it, no ifs, ands nor buts--even if they become the butt of yet another tired joke (like this one). What is particularly sad is that H-Town decided to invite Pretty Ricky to be featured on the remix, tacking a tacky rap on the end. This is surely one recipe where when you add one batch of oversexed young men into a pot of retro soup, you get a whole pot of a wailing mess.

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9 Responses

  1. LOLLL! Is this a joke? Surely they did not do a song called Knocking Your Heels.

  2. When did the brother from NYPD Blues start making music? 🙂 this is a travesty of the worst kind. Excuse me SB while I go throw up.

  3. ha, i give it credit for being plenty retro, but not sure that's what they were goin for. And somebody really needed to tell them "knocking your heels" as a title could have used a few seconds more work/thought.

  4. First of all, these dudes have on nameplate buckles. That right there alone is a cry for help. And don't get me started on the song.

  5. You need to google the video....because that my friends is a hot ass mess!

  6. It is quite unfortunate - the intention behind the concept was great but unfortunately the production sounds a strange and yes that rap does not do the song any justice... PLEASE TRY AGAIN FELLAS!!

  7. As much of an effort he (Shazam) put into his body, they should've done the same for the music. Great singing voices but the song is wack! Sorry guys.

  8. I really don't know how old all of you are, from the one writing and posting this article to the ones commenting here, but one thing's for sure, you are either 20-21 or all of you must be smoking crack cocaine.
    What we have here are two LEGENDS teaming up for a hit single! Of course y'all can't appreciate something like this because you're much too young.
    You're probably missing the auto-tune and some modern-ass club-beat, I don't know, but one thing's for sure, you don't understand ...

  9. htown i love ya and jodeci and pretty ricky and silk because i love all of youall and that is forever and ever that will never changed i miss keven dino conner with love always joan morgan