Has Jill Scott Been Jogging? Cause Salah Ananse Keeps Her ‘Crossing’ Our Minds

Sadly, it looks as though, according to industry rumors that Ladies No.1 Detective Agency will not be returning for a second season, but don't quote me on that. The brief yet lush and beautiful series featuring Jill Scott as super sleuth Precious Ramotswe was some of the most entertaining television that has aired in years. Given Jill's obvious musical background, the producers sought out producers to create remixes of her work to be released in conjunction with the series. Deep Soul producer Salah Ananse remixed Jill's "Cross My Mind" in such a way as to induce arched backs, heads turned upwards, and beckoning to the ancestors to lead the way adrift on the primordial beat. Sadly, this remix will not be featured but according to Salah "Jill loved it." You will too. Make sure you have on comfortable shoes and sweat-proof clothing for this one. Winter be damned, this will usher in a quick thaw of your immediate surroundings. [H/T: DSB]

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  1. dead link.....sniff sniff

  2. first decent house mix of this song I have ever heard! here is the correct link...

  3. Well if that proves to be true then I'm saddened. Yes it was light, eccentric and comic but all life was in that show and it always had side stories (AIDS, corruption, domestic violence, grief), that hinted gently at the darkness and dificulties of life while showing the value of small decencies and dignity without being preachy, and the quality of the acting lifted it to something special. My nieces and nephews loved it and I would wish for them to see other places and other ways in a way that warmed their lives (now I'm sounding preachy).
    It's a damn shame.

  4. Love it!!!

  5. Thanks for this. So it will not be available for purchase? What a tease!
    And hush your mouth about the series. Hush hush hush.I blogged about just about every episode when it was airing. Incredibly refreshing TV. I am still hopeful that we'll eventually see a second series, or at least a cable movie follow-up. Maybe the series, Jill and Anika will win their NAACP Image Awards and spur new interest/motivation.

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