It’s All About ‘You’ For Fly Gypsy

This video for DC-based multi-culti duo Fly Gypsy's "You" has been out for a minute, but I just got a chance to view it over the holidays while catching up on VH1 Soul. Full of bright colors, sunshine and white sand, Kowboy Kom and Alexei Jandayi arrive to an island paradise as tourists but quickly find themselves falling for the natives. This video served two purposes: to let me know that I've been sleeping on Fly Gypsy and that I am in dire need of a vacation, preferably to Jamaica where this clip was filmed on location. Until I can make the latter happen, I'll watch this joint to escape my wintry reality. If you're in DC tomorrow night and looking for something to do, then I highly suggest that you check out Fly Gypsy when they perform at Liv. Peep the flyer after the bounce.

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3 Responses

  1. I love it!!! Kom hosts poetry every first Thursdays at the @ttic in DC

  2. I got to get familiar with this group...................

  3. Never heard of them before. Loved the video and song.


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