Keke Wyatt Is Back With Something ‘Knew’

I've always loved Keke Wyatt's voice. So when word started spreading that she was on the comeback trail, I remember smiling to myself. Well, with the release of her new video for "Who Knew?"--which is both the title of the lead single and the name of her new project--Ms. Wyatt is all the way back. The newly svelte Keke looks more than happy in the clip, swaying effortlessly and often (with the help of some beefcake and some caked on eye makeup, no less) to the midtempo track, releasing her mojo for the world to see. To say the movements don't match the lyrics, or that she's not giving us the fullness of her voice here, would be nitpicking. Really, it's just good to see Keke back, front and center. The album, Who Knew?, hits stores February 23rd on Shanachie Entertainment Records.


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  1. Damn Keke....I didnt remember babygirl looking so good or having such a mean walk:) now only if she can stop stabbing folks, then she'd be wifey material:)

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    LOL@ the 'who knew he'd be my baby-daddy' lyric, but get it KeKe!! She looks great!

  3. LOL@now only if she can stop stabbing folks..... Hey..but, she lookin' goooowd in that video...(just hide the knives) 🙂
    P.S. this joint is nice.

  4. She looks good...NEW Hair LESS weight, however those moves are definitely OFF a bit. Kind of reminds me of a Sasha Fierce spoof...mainly because of the white background dance moves and B&W film screen. Not my favorite because I know KeKe can BLOWWWWWW!!!
    Thanks for the post, BLESS.

  5. I like the song. Keke can sing. I just hope the Vasoline on the eyelids isn't making a comeback.

  6. I always thought KeKe had a beautiful voice....but after that distaterous ESSENCE interview, I will not support her music. Period.


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