Raheem DeVaughn Refixes Trey Songz With ‘Re-Invented Sex’

If you know anything about Raheem DeVaughn's career and the many mixtapes that he's put out, then you know that he will take your song and half the time flip that joint so lovely that his version sounds better than yours. Ooops! Sorry! But you can't blame the man for doing what he does so effortlessly and boy does he do the damn thing on "Re-Invented Sex," his version of Little Trey Songz's "Invented Sex." The thought of Songz inventing anything remotely resembling sex was always "Def Comedy Jam when Martin Lawrence used to host" laughable to me, but in DeVaughn's case it's way more believable. As a grown woman, hearing a grown man sing about doing the grown up appeals to me more than Little Trey's original. Raheem has some great lines in his version and keeps it sexy without sounding too pervy. This joint can be found on Raheem's new mixtape, Mr. February, which drops on January 15th via 368 Music Group and serves as the appetizer for the main course that is his next album, The Love and War Masterpeace, coming on February 16th March 2nd.

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7 Responses

  1. This remix is straight "FIRE"......LOVE IT!!!

  2. The new Mixtape is going to be dope! Can't wait for that joint to come out.

  3. tre just got musically pwned!

  4. This is great! I am an independent singer songwriter and I learn a lot from reading blogs like this - thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Great review. I could not stand thie son and the first remix by the other artists I like the song now. I luv this version. Raheem is on fire. Sorry Trey et al. Go back to the lab .

  6. GARBAAAAGE! At east make over a nice song! He can sang but the song is WACK!

  7. LOL man, i wish he had done this song first!
    .....actually no, i take that back. i appreciate him more for doing the way it should've been done after the's more funner that way. lol yup...i said more funner.


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