Sade’s Back With A Stunning ‘Soldier’ Story

There were times while watching Sade's video for "Soldier of Love" that I craned my neck forward, hoping her Wonder Woman-like lasso would somehow corral me, thus making me a POW for her love. Alas, no dice. But no worries, since the rest of the video, filled with fire, wind, a steady regimen of militaristic movements and, um, a horse, helped distract me from my bondage fantasy just long enough. It played out similarly to how I thought it would, with the beat demanding tight choreography, which was delivered with precision by Sade's synchronized unit. If you were like me and thought the track was a bit underwhelming, the images in the video helped balance it out, making me like the song that much more. Oh, and say what you want, but seeing Sade pose with her hands in the shape of a gun was just the right amount of sexy. Tell us what you think below, and in the meantime, I'm going to watch again, and see if I can get my neck at just...the right...angle.


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  1. The video is amazing. She is one of the few artists who are able to find people to translate her songs very well visually. I can't wait for February 9th.

  2. I agree, the song didn't impact me like "Love Is Stronger Than Pride" but the video helped me appreciate the song that much more.
    I do hope her album is ballad-heavy though.

  3. Sophie Muller always does a great job! but i'd like the next vids to be directed by Albert Watson (feel no pain, kiss of life, cherish the day)...
    can't wait for the full album

  4. Interesting video. It's nice to see what the S1Ws are doing these days. Sade still has it (and still can get it).

  5. Speechless!! My heart is racing. Can't wait til February.

  6. Let me be the first to say it. This is one corny mess of a video. It further ruined a terribly underwhelming song.

  7. Ha!! I was thinking the same thing about the S1Ws. ( how about a PE remix?)
    This song would have made a better James Bond theme than Alicia and Jacks.
    I'm curious about the credits on this one. ( the music not the vid) Sade (the group... not just Helen) is usually adept at finding grooves that are almost fatally infectious. This one seems like the lull before the storm. every single she has had can be "hummed" or "beat boxed" by one person. This one ..... not at all.
    But anticipation... like cocaine...... is a helluva drug

  8. Video is amazing. A certain "Rude Boy"'s ex needs to take notes on how to be hard.

  9. I like it and I like the song. She looks great. she's got to be close to 50 and she puts these wannabe "artisits" half her age to SHAME!

  10. The pan shot of Sade from her shoulders up is so classic.

  11. I want to like this song and video, I really do. It's not that I get the same feeling when I hear a Gucci Mane song because nothing compares to that type of irritation. I'm just not in a hurry to go and purchase the album and usually videos put me over the edge and persuade me, but not this one. I feel the same way before and after the video.

  12. A waaay overproduced mediocre song, with an annoying groove and a ridiculous theme.

  13. I like it her best first single no...however the song is quality and im looking forward to more music and videos.

  14. I think I was one of the first to call this song, weak, wack, less then stellar but the video is kinda tight. Will I be buying sade's new album? hell to the naw'll:)

  15. I like the video. I don't love it. The song is growing on me just a bit. Regardless of my disappointment with the 1st single though, I'm certainly purchasing the CD when it drops next month. Sade has never been a singles artist anyway, so I'm certain the album will be delectably versatile.

  16. Terrible disappointment. Her promotional images were highly misleading. I expected a somewhat ethereal video of her in the Somali garb on a desert somewhere...this modern twist and male dancers in quasi-military gear is grotesque. For a soon to be 50 year old woman, come on, no need to be desperate. Stay true to who you've been. But I'lll buy the cd for my collection as I do every 10 some odd years when she graces us with new material.

  17. this woman. band. always delivers. Stylized to the NTH degree as usuall. Classic Sade yet always bringing something new.
    When asked why such a long gap between records Sade said “I only make records when I feel I have something to say. I’m not interested in releasing music just for the sake of selling something. Sade is not a brand.” *swoon*


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