Tweet Brings Back Her ‘Love Again’

Just last week I wondered where Tweet has been and why in this age of being overly informed and "exclusive leaks" we haven't heard anything consistently new from her in quite awhile. After listening to "Love Again," I swear I would rather have this song explode all over the blogosphere than 100 ill-fated and under-talented artists' mixtapes I'm assaulted with on any given day. Welcome back, Tweet. You were sorely missed.

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13 Responses

  1. The perfect START, to my day...FABULOUS!!!!!

  2. Do I by chance hear an off-shoot of Curtis Mayfield's "Give Me Your Love" in the bassline? Nice!

  3. those eyes...those lips...that voice......lawd have mercy:)

  4. I heard this song last week and was so excited!! I've been listening to "Southern Hummingbird" for the past month. I'm glad she's back! I've missed that beautiful voice.

  5. I found this other song on this website,, by Tweet called "Love Me". It's really smooth!! Got it on repeat on my ipod.

  6. All types of win here! Love everything about it. This is Tweet at her best. Welcome back.

  7. Yes, Tweet has been missed.

  8. Niiiiiiiiiceness. It's about time!

  9. I'm caught up in the rapture of "TWEET" this Southern Hummingbird is flyin' oh so high.
    She's back and taking no prisoners....niceeee!!

  10. Oh lawd...*speechless*...missed that voice!

  11. as fresh sounding as an mp3 ingénue but that well sensual lilting vocal says seasoned songstress.
    come back and show'em what we meant when we first tweeted.
    just hearing this makes me realize what I've been missing.

  12. man this that 2001 Tweet i've been missing! Great Damn Song!!! welcome back!!

  13. That's some good come back, glad she did it again