Usher Proves That ‘More’ Is Less

Usher is making it really hard to stay a fan. Especially when he insists on releasing mediocre material after having had such a successful run of hits over the years. I don't know what the story is on this "More" song, nor do I care to find out because it's just that forgettable that I hope that he forgets to include it on his new album, Raymond v. Raymond, whenever that drops. But then to make an equally as cheesy lame video, as seen below, for this wack track is simply unacceptable. It looks cheap by today's standards, has a storyline that has nothing to do with the song and the special effects are special alright. This is such a disappointment because Usher is way better than this.


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  1. 3 minutes and 52 seconds of sheer f*ckery. Where's they shoot this video, Motel 6? I've seen high school a/v clubs who shoot better videos than this.

  2. Hmmm...well that's just it, isn't it? I don't think Usher IS way better than this; it just goes to show you that he needs to be told what songs to do in order to be successful. Right now, he's being told to do these wack joints because, sadly, that's where the hits are. We have entered into a new era, folks...our music is not the hot thing of the moment anymore, and many artists have decided to sell their "soul" for the almighty dollar. I used to wonder why older generations would at some point stop listening to newer songs, and just stick with their old classics. Now I know. Every time I hear one of these wack songs, the first thing out of my mouth is something along the lines of "Turn this crap off! Where's my D'Angelo tape at?

  3. Damn, Usher!!! Where yo video budget at?!?

  4. He shot this with a Flip Video. He had to.

  5. I'm in total agreement with the "sheer fuc&*ery" of the video shoot. He needs to fire his cousin or deaded that fansite video contest idea...whatever it was. As far as the track goes...
    Going into this we should understand as fans, music writers, haters, Stans whatever that there may never be another, "Usher", or "My Way"...and hell he may dance around production-wise a "Confessions" type outting without ever reaching that kind of content again. But many of us don't realize that this game and genre is bigger than out wants and my mom used to put it...'you're old enough for your wants not to hurt'.
    This is a diamond status artist, really only Eminem has sold more albums in the past decade. This song is not bad, and this release isn't really for us. How many legit releases do you think Europe has gotten of Raymond vs. Raymond? I don't see why this wouldn't be a legit sngle stateside. This is a solid track (video obviously not withstanding), ironically called more it is a simple club track, that I'm sure made the final label cuts dude to other industry leaders pushing the synth/driven revival. Besides that, the lyrics are strong and next level. To put it in sports forcasting terms...
    Some commentators/reviews/critics are good at predicting a successful Colts team, but they have to remain quiet when the Jets of the world catch them by surprise. You'll pull over and give this track a ride after you spin it a few more times. Though I can't blame anyone for not pulling over given the quality/effort/content of this video...borderline public access/BET-uncut embarassment level.
    But ease up, this probably won't get past U.S. white radio station or Euro-Top 40...hence the lack of video budget...his days of flipping his own video budgets are over...

  6. WHat the hell?? IS IT JUST ME OR IS THE MUSIC INDUSTRY JUST GETTING SHITTER EVERY FREAKIN DAY????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. The scoop on this video is "Usher teamed up with Body by Milk Get Noise and challenged a group of teens to direct a music video for his single 'More'. The applicants were narrowed down to two groups and the winning team won Mac Books and Final Cut Pro Editing Suite". So as wack as Usher has become, he's not THAT!!

  8. I've seen dance videos on YouTube with better production.

  9. Come on SoulBounce I thought you all would have done a lil more research before going in on some one. This video was actually for a good cause:
    Usher teamed up with Body by Milk Get Noise and challenged a group of teens to direct a music video for his single “More”. The applicants were narrowed down to two groups and the winning team won mac books and final cut pro editing suite.
    Come on ya'll....still love the blog tho....


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