VTech & Mochilla Deliver A ‘Timeless’ Masterpiece

Ever wonder what would happen if your favorite hip hop artists got the orchestral treatment? If they left the machines behind and were backed with real live instruments? To me, that would be timeless. Well, not only for me. VTech & Mochilla had the same idea, and delivered last year with three events that helped create a bridge between producer/arrangers of yesteryear to the modern day hip hop producer. The series, appropriately entitled Timeless, showcasing three distinct groups: the Suite for Ma Dukes orchestra, Ethiopian musician Mulatu Astatke, and Brazilian arranger Arthur Verocai. The entire collection will be available March 30th, when a very limited edition box set DVD (so limited, it will be numbered up to 4,000 and includes liner notes, a free poster and extra songs) is released. In the meantime, a track from the Suite for Ma Dukes event entitled "Take Notice," a track from J Dilla's Rough Draft EP, is available for download below, with the video after the bounce. Mixed and mastered by legendary Grammy award-winning producer/mixer Bob Power, this joint rocks. Take a look. And listen. And be prepared to cop Timeless when the time comes. Enjoy.

The Suite for Ma Dukes Orchestra "Take Notice" [Download]

After the bounce

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3 Responses

  1. i got the Suite For Ma Dukes EP on itunes sometime last year, and it's amazing. gorgeously arranged and played. "take notice" wasn't included on there, also amazing.

  2. i just downloaded the EP off of itunes and you're right...worth every penny of the $4.

  3. Yo! this join is hot, in a perfect world i would love to see chubb rock or camp Lo get retarded with a live orchestra. I mean if that sack of crap Puffy can make a joint with a full orchestra (come with me from that godzilla flick) then a real MC with actual talent could do some beautiful thangs.


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