Amsterdam Brings Some HomeMade Heat

Way back last year, we hipped you to HomeMade, a project consisting of Full Crate, FS Green, and Grand Jackson, that yielded the lovely "Feel Like." Although the project has not been officially released, we got an exclusive chance to take a listen to the EP that was released overseas. Needless to say, it is hot and is getting me in my right frame of mind for this year's Winter Music Conference in Miami next month--yes, I'll be there repping for SoulBounce. Expect the usual suspects such as Mar but also expect appearances from artists Jenny Lane and GMB as well. Don't take my word for this EP's swoon-worthy tracks. Take a listen yourself below. 

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5 Responses

  1. what is the name of HomeMade EP released overseas?

  2. This collective hasn't let me down yet. It's such an informed sound: it's roots are obvious but not too hard to tell that these cats are in the now and definitely facing the future. Well done!

  3. Google it...
    The HomeMade EP

  4. Someone told me about this project but this is really nice. Some surprising sounds on the EP. Like to hear more! Keep up the work guys.

  5. I love their sound---but not having much luck finding out more about them. Does anyone have info on this group or where to buy their EP? Thanks Soulbounce for putting these kind of artists out there for us


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