Hawdwerk & Jansport J Are Making ‘High Power Moves’

I used to be one of the easily angered audiophiles who complained about how no good new Hip Hop is being put out. Until I began knowing where to look. Yes, it's like looking for truffles under rocks at times, but there exist times when my nose tingles with excitement when something piques my interest. Hawdwerk & Jansport J's High Power Moves is a lighthearted, well-produced album whose beats will make your head nod and whose rhymes your mind can accept. I have several favorites thus far, but the track I keep returning to is "She Smiles" for no other reason that I'm a sucker for a well done romantic Hip Hop track. Be sure to peep their Bandcamp page for the goods, then grab the original samples for the album over here.

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  1. This is dope!


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