Is This The ‘Secret’ That Jermaine Dupri Has Been Keeping?

We really hate to beat a dead horse around these parts, but we really have been curious as to the direction that Jermaine Dupri plans to take when it comes to his remake of Quincy Jones' "Secret Garden." We've already discussed the finer points here, but thanks to a commenter, we were tipped off to what it might possibly sound like. With Jermaine at the helm as well as his love of 808s, this older track featuring Usher sounds as original as a "My Boo" remake. I cringe to think that Auto-Tune may be ultimately used in the final track, but here's to hoping that Trey Songz and Robin Thicke can be trusted enough by Jermaine to not need any unnecessary embellishment. Take a listen to this version, and let us know how you feel about this in the comments. 

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7 Responses

  1. Da f*ck? Is that My Boo and Shorty Swing My Way on the backtrack? Hell to da naw!

  2. I can't even bring myself to listen to the 'We Are The World' remake later to Mr. SoSoDef and his bootleg 'Secret Garden'. *jenniferhudsonwearetheworldsideeye*

  3. This is so beyond wack. Usher is yesterday's news. Dig a hole, place this song in the hole, pour gasoline and light a match. Feels much better...

  4. That really is Shorty Swing My Way!!!!!!!!! [ Epic Fail like OJ Da Juiceman being a XXL freshman for this year....]

  5. You know what, i actually like it....... and I LOVED my boo and shorty swing my way!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Some secrets should be kept. This being one of them. Usher's career is officially in the toilet.

  7. That was a mess. Why doesn't anyone have original ideas anymore?!