Jaheim & Jadakiss ‘Ain’t’ Doing Nothing New

What do you get when you mix a singer, a rapper, a bevy of video chicks and a jumping club scene? If you said seemingly every other music video for the past 20 years, you'd be right. Well, add another to the ever-growing pile with the release of Jaheim's "Ain't Leavin' Without You" featuring Jadakiss spitting a few bars. For such a funky fresh song (even with the familiar sample), this is just a rehash of better videos before it. The most intriguing part of the clip was the new throat/chest tattoo that Jaheim is sporting. The verdict: press play once, then keep it moving.

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8 Responses

  1. This joint is kinda hot, so far I am leaning towards scooping up this full length joint, Now my only question is this...Is it me or does Jada look like that fat kid sean kingston? 🙂 I mean i'm juts asking:) LOL

  2. Dag, Jaheim. I like the song better without the Jada remix. Videos like this are sad reminders that creativity is limited resources in some circles. Or maybe resources are just limited. Its probably cheaper to just shoot a club scene then actually hire someone to flesh out a video concept.

  3. Another good singer hell bent on proving how hood he is.

  4. Sigh. I want to support but I can not give praises to anyone on the "bw are golddiggers" bandwagon.
    wish him the best

  5. @ Moon: I was going to say the same thing lol. Folks must really not have a video budget these days.
    @ Stoney Island: NEW doesn't equal HOT. This joint is "lukewarm" at best; the lyrical concept is about as original and innovative as the video. Plus, you're sideways remarks/insults are tired...not just on this post but on previous ones.

  6. @Taron, who died and made you God? If I say it hot, then it hot............Now go sit down! obviously you my number one fan because it's obvious you read all my post, so I must be sumptin right for you to hate so much. It's 2010 the year of no D*** riding, play your lane.

  7. @ Stoney: You're right, if you think it's hot, then (apparently for you only) it is hot. At the same time, you've given yourself way too much credit for believing I'm your "fan" (lol) but I'd say you're on track for getting one by this year's end. Keep driving in the slow lane.

  8. I personally like this record without the rhyme (even though Jada is that dude)...I like the fact that Jaheim continues to stay true to himself. Good ish' here.