Janelle Monáe Fights A ‘Cold War’

Expanding the musical vein she introduced us to in her previous disc, Metropolis, Janelle Monáe released two new singles last week, the second of which, "Cold War," is another aural treat for her steadfast fans. New listeners to her sound will be just as amazed at how infectious the track is with its percolating drums, electric guitar, harmonic vocal overlays and her perfect vocals modulating between soulful inquisitive innocence and edgy afro-punk staccato. This song is just as on point as "Tightrope" with Outkast's Big Boi, which we previously rocked out to. Monáe has cornered the musical market with her own style that has no predecessors. With her poofed faux-hawk, saddle shoes and high water pants, she has created a look and sound that is branded by an unmistakable new age twist--fusing technology and soul into an exhilarating experience. Janelle Monáe's artistry is inherent in her every pore and she artfully avoids being a caricature with her advanced musical arrangements and demonstrated musicianship. My fingers are crossed in hope that what we've heard thus far are not the only winners on her upcoming album, The ArchAndroid, which I pray is much longer than the woefully short Metropolis.
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11 Responses

  1. Anxiously awaiting her new album!

  2. Janelle is like either adore her or loathe her:)

  3. I saw her live when sh opened for Raphael Saadiq. She can definitely sing but I got the feeling that she was being weird just to be weird. She also water on the audience and I was like, what the hell? Her sound doesn't seem to have evolved from her previous album. Some of it is cool but it's redundant. Her songs sound like Gnarls Barkley joints to me. It's strange to me because on her first recording ( I think it was "Audition") she sounded like a regular r&b chick.

  4. Glad you all posted this. This girl is amazing. I loved Metropolis and can't wait for this full length project. I'm betting this album will be the best one all year. Hands down.

  5. I've seen Janelle perform at least 5 times now and everytime I'm blown away. she's completely changing the game in terms of what it really means to perform. Sorry musikluv, I disagree with you homie - this girl is the real deal. If you think being weird means, not just wearing a short skit and dancing like everyone else then cool...but I'm hoping you mean otherwise.
    I feel you Tony. This album is bout to change the game - forever. Went ahead and started my countdown till May 18th. we need real music in this world.

  6. LOVE Janelle Monae. Seen her a few times before and I cannot WAIT to see her perform these new songs!!!

  7. I never really paid that much attention to her before, but as of hearing these last two singles, I am LOVING Janelle Monae right now! I had to go back and listen to Metropolis and it's really sweet! Thanks, SB!

  8. agreed musikluva-weird just to be weird and Ill add I think she borrows heavily from Andre 3000 with much less success.

  9. I agree with the Andre 3000 comment.It appears and sounds like she is trying to be his female counterpart but I love her voice.

  10. She changed a lot from the first time I heard her..

  11. Gosh this song speaks to me. I love it. Cant wait for her album to drop in May...


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