Jose James’ ‘Code’ Is Nothing But Cool

Much like a cup of hot chocolate, Jose James' music is the perfect companion on a cold, snowy night, which I've become all too familiar with this winter. With the February 1st release of his new album, Blackmagic, I now have a new collection of tunes from him to keep me warm and toasty. Combining equal parts Jazz, Hip Hop and Soul into one big pot of musical gumbo, Jose is giving me everything that I crave with Blackmagic, and now I have a new video to fuel my obsession. Shot by the good people at Friends We Love, the video for "Code" is simple in nature but an enjoyable watch nonetheless. James is seen in the recording booth laying down the vocals for the sultry track and having fun during the session. I love to see artists enjoying themselves in the midst of the creative process. This video is pure niceness.


4 Responses

  1. This man is the truth!!! Can't wait to see what happensd now that he signed iwth Verve for his next project.

  2. Beautiful track. I can't stop listening.

  3. Thank you for posting our video! We appreciate the support & the kind words. Keep up the great work you do!
    Spread love,
    Moni & Mike
    Friends We Love

  4. Love this track, just sampled the album and its awesome. Can't wait to get home and finish my iTunes purchase of Blackmagic! This will be the perfect accompaniment to kahlua n hot cocoa, my snuggie , and snOMG this weekend! Thanks SB


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