Longevity Brings The Ruckus With This ‘Tantrum’

I have never pretended to be anymore than a person who loves to collect music. Call me the music huntress, much as Diana roamed the Earth making choice selections with her bow and arrow. While most of my music hunting occurs online, this track I actually heard in person. Longevity--who happens to be Will.I.Am's brother--is some of the stealthiest, bring-the-ruckus type Hip Hop I've heard in awhile. Featuring Peyote Cody, if anything, these LA-based talents prove that cities don't make scenes, but expanding minds do. Rock out to this and remember that good Hip Hop can always be found.

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6 Responses

  1. this is dope.. i want more... !

  2. Wow! This is re-energizing my Monday might. thx!

  3. Wow! This is re-energizing my Monday night. In fact: any day any time of day. thx!

  4. Longevity & Peyote Cody in the mf house. L.A. hip hop!
    Quality Collective

  5. I like this guy's sound.


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