M.anifest & e.g. bailey School Us On Our ‘Afrikan’ Roots

Years ago when I was entering my teens, African history was an ever-present force in the music I listened to. Hip Hop was soaked in it, despite what coast you hailed from. It was "in" and everyone from Def Jef to the Jungle Brothers were clad in prints from the Motherland, proclaiming their allegiance to a legacy they were proud of. These days, what is "in" is much, much different, but my jones for good African rhythms set to Hip Hop can still be found if you do a bit of digging. The better-known Wale gave up some heat with his "My Sweetie" recently, but M.anifest--who we've already hipped you to--has been serving up his own sweetness for quite some time as well. Spoken word artist e.g. bailey's "Amerikan African" has been nicely remixed by M.anifest and is sure to get hips swinging. Drop it low after you press play below. [H/T: SV]

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