Maxwell & Jill Scott To Go On Tour, Baby Boom Expected In Early 2011

Clear your calendars, Soul music lovers, because Maxwell and Jill Scott are going on tour! That's right, y'all, this May though June, two of SoulBounce's faves are scheduled to go on a 20-city, U.S. arena tour. This is undoubtedly going to the concert tour of the year (save for Sade hitting the road...crossing fingers, saying prayers) with these two superstars of Neo-Soul on one bill. This can truly be considered a co-headlining tour because both Jill and Max have deep catalogs to pull from and are seasoned performers. Word is that Jill will also be previewing new tracks from her upcoming summer release Light of the Sun, and maybe we'll even get a sweet taste of blackSUMMERS'night from our main man. Dates and cities have not yet been announced, but keep it locked in to SB for details as they come available. 

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  1. I pray they come to Miami or any part of Florida!! I'm so excited. I've been wanting to go to a Jill Scott concert so bad. I heard she puts on a hell of a show!

  2. It is going to be hear!

  3. I love Max but I hope brother is getting some rest. He was having a hard time with his voice at the end of the last tour, I think he did too much too fast. In any case, Ill skip this round-unlike most here I can not get down with Jill Scott.

  4. I cannot wait!! Will be on line Thursday 3/4 to get my tix for the show in D.C.

  5. Man that's gonna be sick. Never seen Maxwell but Jill puts on a banging show.

  6. I can't wait.. June 18th it's ON

  7. anon, no like Jill? True she isn't for everyone and can be preachy (or self-righteous?) at times, but she makes some good music.

  8. oldskoolsista: I've never cared for Jill's voice-tone, cadence nor styling. Just doesn't appeal to me and the songs have never been enough to rope me in. I actually have seen her in concert though, as an opening act for Sting. She had more than enough confidence (to put it mildly), and further turned me off...but I hope everyone enjoys this show. I know it will be a big ticket.

  9. Let me stock up on the BC, lol!

  10. Oh, ok anon. That makes sense. 🙂

  11. I'll be wherever they are in concert near me.

  12. Yes! Yes! Yes!
    What a winning combination! Can't go wrong with these two! Just the idea! Cannot wait!
    Oh but with soooo much music between the two of will either of them choose. Who cares, love them, just come on!

  13. oh yeaaaa! Can't wait they've just got to come to Dallas. I haven't seen Jill in person but love her music. If she puts on a great show like Maxwell does will be off the chain!!!!

  14. I saw DC on the list, so I know I need to get tickets early.

  15. Woohoo, a stop in Oakland. I will def be there.

  16. I saw Maxwell twice during his last tour. Once in my hometown of D.C., then again in Baltimore, the last U.S. concert stop before taking the tour to Europe. He was amazing both times. I'll be whenever, whereever, whatever he performs near me.
    For me, Jill Scott is the whipped creme on top! This should be a concert most memorable!


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