Morning Soul: Undercover Passion On The Run

  • The Foreign Exchange didn't win a GRAMMY, but they did get to take a picture with Roberta Flack and Ludacris. So there. [BS
  • You did catch Butta live-tweeting GRAMMY events all weekend, didn't you? [SB]
  • Skillz successfully snuck in the GRAMMYs just like his name suggests. [TWTR]
  • Here's hoping that Pink's performance didn't mess up anyone's outfit in the audience. [YT]
  • Kanye promises that 2010 will be full of ALL CAPS and awesomeness. Just like in '09. [RR]

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1 Response

  1. Boo for Foreign Exchange not getting a Grammy! Boo!!! I don't Tweet, so I couldn't follw Butta, but I'm sure I would have loved the commentary.
    Love P!ink!, but uh yeah, I would have been pissed if my "good clothes" got unexpectedly wet like that.