Quadron’s ‘Fruit’ Is Never ‘Average’

Quadron is proof that music isn't always worthy of being heard, but great music is always easily welcomed like a warm refuge on a frosty day. Since learning of them last year, they have been favorites of nearly every editor on SoulBounce with their track "Day." Now that their US release is coming this March, a new single has emerged that is just as intoxicating as when we first heard their sound. "Average Fruit" is a wonderful, ethereal track that drips with just as much passion as you would expect from this Danish duo. Surround yourself with their vision after you press play.

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6 Responses

  1. ...this is a NICE track... I'll definitely be checking for the album in March!!

  2. Love the transitions in this song with the orchestration.

  3. Quadron has quickly become one of my favorites.Kudos to the SB staff. Seems the word about them is picking up. I heard they were featured on KCRW. I do my best to spread the word about them.

  4. I dig this. Thanks for putting us on to them.

  5. I can definitely dig this!


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