Sit Down With Fonzworth Bentley For A ‘Fireside Chat’

Just the other day I was watching VH1 Soul and the video for Fonzworth Bentley's "Everybody" came on, and I wondered whatever happened to his burgeoning rap career. Not that I'm a huge fan of his rapping skills, but with all his connects he shoulda been had an album out since that dropped in summer of '08. But he's been as silent as his homie Kanye's been vocal (before Taylor Swiftgate, at least). Well, it looks like Mr. Bentley decided to dust off his mic and drop a little something in honor of Black History Month with "Fireside Chat." He blends conscious lyrics with various images plucked from the Civil Rights era and urban pop culture. He touches on everything from dead prez, to conflict diamonds, to his manicure, to his degree from Morehouse. Toward the end he apologizes "on the behalf of Hip Hop" to a rack of artists who paved the way: KRS-One, Public Enemy, Queen Latifah, A Tribe Called Quest and many more. I'm digging this. Hopefully the message won't be lost on those who need to hear and heed it.

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5 Responses

  1. This joint sounds like a random vent. Like it was a long freestyle session over a 90s mixtape. I like the beat, but lyrically, it was just a stream of consciousness. I see why.......he hasn't had a solo album out?

  2. I'm confused as to why he's apologizing to NWA and Tupac for hip hop. Tupac and NWA need to be apologizing to everyone else for the current state of "hip hop". I enjoyed the rest of the video and the song, but the NWA/Tupac "apology" was so random and oxymoronic.

  3. This.
    Who knew Fonzworth had it in him?
    I loved it.

  4. that was hot!!!!!!!!!!!