Who Are You ‘So Into’? SWV Or Tamia?

Since yesterday's return of the Battle of the Beats was such a success, how about another toe-to-toe rumble in the musical jungle? Today's battle is a girlfight pitting one of our beloved '90s R&B girl groups against one of favorite Soul songstresses. In this corner we have the talented trio SWV with their mega-hit "I'm So Into You" from their classic debut, It's About Time. And in this corner we have Canadian cutie Tamia with "So Into You," a song from her eponymous debut album. Lead singer Cheryl "Coko" Clemons, backed up by Leanne "Lelee" Lyons and Tamara "Taj" Johnson, belted a banger about her love for a dude who unfortunately was somebody else's guy. Her infatuation had her in a state of confusion that we could all relate to. On the other hand, Tamia sang about a man who was all hers and she was loving every nook and cranny. This match-up may not be as cut and dried as it may seem--Team Freckle may give Coko and the girls some competition. These are two songs that we've all no doubt jammed to back in the day that have surprisingly stood the test of time. So, who's track are you still into today, SWV's or Tamia's?

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18 Responses

  1. It's the S to the double U.S and V

  2. I like both songs, but, advantage...........................SWV!

  3. SWV got this one on nostalgia alone!

  4. I appreciate the battle here, but it is soooo unfair. SWV were the stuff back in '92 and '93...their poster was in my 7th grade locker and I knew I had a picture of the most beautiful and powerful women in music. This is classic...let em at another singer or group with "Weak". Takes me back!

  5. Oh, this is tough, cause I love both of these songs, but SWV has the upper hand. In fact, if this was battle of the debuts...SWV would still win, their debut album is stellar.

  6. I love both songs but....I love me some Tamia. Both songs are timeless.

  7. swv will always win in my eyes.....i'm so into you is a 90s classic

  8. SWV all the way! Both songs are great but the SWV joint is just a classic

  9. I'm gonna have to go with Tamia....

  10. Aw man, this is difficult. I will say that I get crunk more today if the SWV song comes on; it's so infectious. I liked Tamia's too but I'm giving the win to SWV.

  11. I love both versions, but I must say Tamia's has an edge. I have Tamia's version on my ipod and play it when I'm in that sentimental mood. So I give it to Tamia!

  12. Tamia's makes me float, that sweet intro gets me thinking of an ex every time. SWvs makes me feel like Im getting ready for high school basketball practice. Either one is good. Tamia's the one I personally still listen to.

  13. This is a hard one as I loved both tunes. However I got to give it to my girl Tamia. When I first got her CD that was the song on repeat for me. I didn't even know what the other songs were about until I went to visit my BFF 6 months later. I could never get past track 2 on Tamia's first CD with was So Into You. It's on the I-Touch with over 300 plays, lol.

  14. I'm floating like anon. Tamia, all day!

  15. Y'all scare me at SB ALL of the TIME!
    I was JUST reliving the 90's by listening to these two hits last week and tho' I love them both...Tamia's joint is so sweet and it was out the summer I got married. Tamia's it for me
    (BTW I love my Sisters With Voices all day long --- SWV 4 eva !!!! LOL)

  16. Tamia's track still sounds current and I still find myself spinning that track on nearly a daily basis. SWV is also classic but can't beat Tamia for me.. voice of an angel that one.

  17. Tamia's song is cute, I personally prefer the duet/remake with Fabulous but the SWV song wins for me. Coko's got a killer voice and SWV just exuded soulful vocal harmonies back in the day. "I'm So Into You" is a very 90's song but with all the energized harmonizing by the girls it sounds like it could be from a much older time, it was a much bigger hit than Tamia's song as well.


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