Teedra Moses Teaches Us ‘Royal Patience’

It's common knowledge that Aretha Franklin is the Queen of Soul and that Mary J. Blige is the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul. Well, I think it's time to bestow a title upon Teedra Moses: Queen of the Soul Mixtape. She dropped her latest, the appropriately titled Royal Patience, via her website on Valentine's Day, and it was like a heart-shaped box of chocolates for her fans.
I've lost count how many free mixtapes this now makes from the benevolent Ms. Moses, but as long as she keeps making them, I'll keep downloading them. And, quite frankly, Royal Patience is her best one yet. This compilation is made up primarily of mid-tempo grooves and Quiet Storm friendly love songs made all the more lovely by Teedra's angelic voice. Included are a few familiar cuts, such as "All That I Have," which some may have heard her perform live in concert, and the previously leaked "Everybody Rock." There's still no word on when we can expect the "official" sophomore album, The Young Lioness, from Moses, but Royal Patience--which is something her fans most definitely have--more than makes up for the wait. Check out two candy sweet cuts below and peep the tracklist after the bounce.

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  • Ms. Complexity

    See this? THIS is why I like SoulBounce. Y'all GET IT. REAL MUSIC! YAYYY MISS TEEDRA!

  • Whitney

    LOVE TEEDRA! It's a good mixtape. I need a real album in my life, but this'll do for awhile. I love Winter '96, All That I Have, Realize, R U 4 Real and Everybody Rock. Her mixtapes are better than most artists actual albums.

  • Bella

    As much as I LOVE this here, it really doesn't sound like anything new. I love how Teedra's voice has that throwback, SWV, Xscape kinda vibe to it. But YES I'm gonna need a full album, Miss Moses!

  • hoodedmonk

    You guys ROCK!!!

  • stoneyisland

    Here what I love about Teedra (besides the fact she is finer then all out doors) in this day and age were artist blame everyone and their mama's for their albums flopping, Teedra just keeps getting her grind on. The sista is constantly touring getting her paper, as Jay-Z said "You cant knock her hustle

  • TLD

    I agree Bella!I
    do like GTight though, but I need an album !


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