Time Magazine Sits Down With Maxwell, We Wish It Was Us Instead

Near the end of this interview with Time magazine, Maxwell responds to a fan's question by stating that he "thinks that most of R&B is a compilation record." Which is the tail end of a decent string of questions posed to the GRAMMY Award winning singer by a woman who appears to be barely interested in reading them from the sheet in front of her. Aside from the sterility (and poor lighting, yeesh), Maxwell gives some pretty decent answers to ten questions that range from (paraphrasing) "Why did you cut your hair?" to "What are your thoughts on how R&B sounds today versus the era of Marvin Gaye?" Ever the charismatic gentleman, it's always nice to hear his candid thoughts and this video is no exception.

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  1. Very well done. Poor lighting and all...LOL!!!

  2. If all TIME magazine needed was someone to read the questions to Maxwell from a sheet of paper... they could have called me and I would have GLADLY flown to L.A. to perform the duty.
    That dingy, excuse me, "intrepid" reporter...probably never heard of Maxwell until THAT day. I guess she was a reporter.
    It frustrates me so when opportunities like this are wasted on the nonchalant. *sigh*

  3. How dull is THIS chick??

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    I just got through watching this and my husband walked in me while I watching it. I jumped out my skin like I was caught cheating. I LOVE YOU MAXWELL. How about inviting me over and you can pretend that my daughter is yours since you are ready to parent. On second thought, that may be a bit disrespectful to my husband.
    Ditto to previous comments...the interviewer gets the L!

  5. This interview could have been so much better if this report had actually cared to interact w/ the person they were interviewing, especially someone like Maxwell. Just hearing him speak gives me goosebumps. He's a real deep artist with a lot of old soul qualities, which I love, love, love. I look forward to hearing from him for many years to come.

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    Yeahhh she was a waste of space. They could've just played a recording of someone asking those questions but all we needed was Maxwell. Not even just b/c the man is gorgeous, but the way he speaks to what he says, he gives a great interview *swoons*

  7. cracking up that everyone now wants to be a reporter! so many other questions could have been asked. that haircut question is so 2008.

  8. Ten days or so before the interview, Time Magazine put a statement on its website mentioning that it would be interviewing Maxwell. The magazine asked Maxwell fans to submit questions for the artist. Ten questions would be picked and used during the interview. They received well over 300 questions on their website.
    Why, oh why, then would the magazine put in the time, effort and ink to request questions from readers (and receive hundreds of them) but ask the same generic questions anyway is beyond me. Maxwell has answered at least 5 of those questions hundreds of times since returning to the music scene last year.
    I understand why artists like Prince (and to some extent Maxwell) don't give interviews. How could any artist tolerate being asked the same questions again and again. It has got to grate on them after a certain point. It would seem an artist would just record the answers to their most asked questions, then every time those same questions are asked, merely press "play." I think then reporters would get the message.
    Please use your imagination, your reporting skills, do your research and ask questions that fans really want to know the answers to. Honestly, believe me, I know why he cut his hair, I mean really. That question is so damn lame. I'm surprised he hasn't fallen asleep from boredom in some of these interviews.
    As a Maxwell fan, I pretty much got nothing out of that interview. Other than being able to watch him on film, there was nothing insightful about it. And with the lighting being the mess that it was, I couldn't even enjoy looking at him. I guess Time couldn't spring for a lighting guy, turn up the lamps or get a reporter who could at least act like she was genuinely interested in (or actully knew much about) the subject she was interviewing. I understand with the advent of the worldwideweb that times are hard for magazines and other periodicals. But if that is the case, just don't do the interview at all.
    If you want to see video or read insightful interviews of Maxwell, go to http://www.thelatestmaxwellnews. That Time inteview sucked.

  9. @soulshadow55: I'm sure Maxwell and his PR rep had some influence over which questions he would answer. Out of the 300 or so questions they received, I'm sure 175+ of those were related to his personal life (girlfriends, dating, etc.). Those types of questions were probably eliminated off the top.
    There were a few questions on the text of the interview that aren't included on the video interview however. Like, "Do you cook"? I loved the answer he gave.

  10. This is probably on of the worst interviewer ever! She seemed as if she was not interested in him at all. She was just there to do her job and it was horrible. Maxwell is such a wonderful man and his music is phenomenal. This is the first interview where I felt he sensed she was not really that into him. I'm sorry, I love Maxwell and he deserved a better interview.


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