Unintentional Comedy: Dru Hill’s ‘Love M.D.’ Video

When the video for a slow jam makes you laugh like you're watching the Best of Def Comedy Jam, then you might have a problem on your hands.
Well, Dru Hill, y'all got a problem. Where do I even start with their new video for the single "Love M.D." from the upcoming April release, InDRUpendence Day? Let's start with the group members. Nokio needs hairapy. Jazz needs Jenny Craig. Sisqo needs to be a little less extra (if that's even possible). And the new cat, Tao, needs to find his lane amongst this motley crew. Now that that's out of the way, let's discuss the bootleg Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods storyline. Sigh. If they were going to introduce the whole golf club and opening up a can of whoop ass on your sleeping husband part of their real-life story, then they shoulda gone all the way and added a busted up SUV, tabloid drama, sex rehab and ended with the couple in therapy since that's what the song is about. Clearly they didn't have the budget for that, but they could come better than this because the song is actually decent, classic-sounding Dru Hill. [H/T: TFB]

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  1. Wow, that was corny on so many levels. ditto everything u said Butta! At first I thought it was R Kelly's "In the Closet" part 25 or something! And Nokio looks like he has B.O. Dag, what happened to Dru Hill!?!

  2. Nokio is looking rather Devante-ish.

  3. I seen this video about a week ago & I wasn't really finding it hilarious at all. I didnt see it so much as "unintentional comedy" as much as I saw it as the end of the road for my favorite R&B/Soul group of all-time. I guess I'm speaking more about the song than the video. I dont think Dru Hill has a chance of being relevant again for 1 reason, & 1 reason only. Sisqo is done. He’s lost his voice. In Dru Hill’s prime, Sisqo was an unbelievable vocalist. I mean he’s one of my favorite singers ever if your talking about him in his prime. But its painfully obvious that he must have smoked way too much weed through the years & messed up his voice. He sounds terrible. If it wasnt the weed, it was something else. But he is nowhere near the vocalist he once was.

  4. RIP Dru Hill

  5. Wow this is sad for so many reasons. I mean the corniness is self explanatory but the first thing that came to mind is that Sisqo looks washed out old - and seeing as though he has genes from people who tend to take forever to age, that is unacceptable! Then what's up with Jazz? I mean, he's so big that when everyone else was doing their moves, all he could do was swing his arms around to get momentum! Then he has the nerve to get in the front of the camera and dayum near block everyone out? ....I bet the lighting crew thought a few bulbs went out! LOL! Ok enough.....but I agree with the last poster.....Dru Hill is finished!

  6. This song just makes me nostalgic for classic Jodeci. It would be decent, but Sisqo sounds like he's been gargling with rocks...his voice is gone.

  7. lmao @ SororSalsa...."Sisqo sounds like he's been gargling with rocks.".....thats a good way to put it.....omg, that was hilarious. But its also sad that he's lost what was once an awe-inspiring voice.

  8. The only question regarding Dru Hill should be OPEN or in open casket or closed casket because their career is dead. To think, I actually thought they could give Jodeci a run for their money back in the day. Damn I must have been smoking that Whitney Houston brand of crack:)

  9. That video is some BS & that BG one is bordering on needing an emergency gastric bypass.

  10. are we absolutely sure that this wasnt performed and recorded in 97 cuz theres nothing in the video that tells me otherwise


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