Who Takes You On A Better Journey To ‘Africa’? Toto Or D’Angelo?

All is fair in the Battle of the Beats, and our two contenders are favorites in many crowds for equally as many reasons. Toto is the epiphanic '80s Soft Rock band with crossover appeal to spare. One of their most recognizable tunes, "Africa," strikes just the right balance of synth saturation and an indelible chorus sung with conviction that was done immeasurable justice by the music video format in all its burgeoning glory. Contemporary soul's prodigal son D'Angelo reflects upon the many branches that extend from the Motherland--the love, the strength, the truth, the future. It's graceful, full of sober hope and perseverance. As the final track on Voodoo it's the promise he left us to contemplate during his decade-long absence. So, who's "Africa" reigns supreme, Toto's or D'Angelo's?

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15 Responses

  1. Toto... always.

  2. To even include D'angelo in the same sentence as Toto is just ridiculous. Toto's version all day, all night.....................

  3. Not feeling the D'Angelo version...Toto is it!

  4. "D" all day long! Voodo one of the greatest ablums ever recorded!

  5. D'Angelo wins. Race card proudly pulled and placed on the table here. Toto's "Africa" is epic though.

  6. Wow. I never thought Toto would ever win a musical argument against D'angelo, but this is a no brainer.
    Toto all the way!

  7. While I adore D and this song , that I can see myself moving around the house to on a hot Saturday morning, I like the classic Toto. I always laugh singing remember the times when we'd sing this song in the bathroom at school.

  8. Toto, without a doubt. Call it nostalgia...

  9. As a child I remember HATING TOTO because they won a Grammy over Earth Wind and Fire in the 80's. ( Rosanna and Africa) Later in school I learned that Every EWF album and Quincy Jones produced album had Toto as its pristine LA flavor unit. ( every album after 1980 )
    Steve Lukather played guitar so well he pushed Al Mcay and Johnny Graham off of recordings. Steve Pocarro wrote "Human Nature" for Toto. Jeff Pocarro ( along with John Robinson, Steve Gadd and John Bonham/ all white ) defined the sound and feel that became the Linn Drum Machine.
    D'Angelo is a Prince ( pun intended) among paupers. But Bow Down to the gods. Toto was the Sh*t.

  10. toto. no contest. I LOVE this song. knowing it was sitting there waiting for me, I couldn't even listen to all of d'angelo's version.

  11. I know folks loved Toto's Africa but it never did a thing for me. (and the music vaguely reminds me of in your eyes, which I love so its sort of a dissapointment.)
    D'Angelo's Africa is fantastic-put it on repeat and fall asleep wonderful.

  12. Gotta say, I'm incredibly amazed at the fact that more cats aren't on the D'Angelo joint. I agree with Pink that Voodoo was one of the best albums ever recorded.
    D'Angelo's version to me couldn't even be compared to Toto's version, 'cause they're 2 different genres. And in my book, it's hand down for D'Angelo 'cause of all of the soul in his lyrics AND in the melody and music. Guess I'm crazy for that one though!

  13. Well even with what I said before I'm not saying I dont like D's version. Actually I "likes it a lot".
    It's just that the Toto song and arrangement is like going out of town, driving a convertable and being free. While D'Angelo's is more going to hang out in your hometown. Both spell good times. But Toto is more of a journey to me.
    Does that make sense?

  14. For me to compare both artist is like apples and oranges. D'Angelo's "Africa" is good but reminds me of Prince's "Parade" album. Toto's "Africa" is totally original and ahead of it's time. There was nothing like it back then. That song definitely led to a category they now call World music.


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