Anthony Hamilton Preparing To Record His New Album

The other day while I was chilling on Twitter a couple of tweets popped up on my timeline that almost made me break out into a chorus of "Oh Happy Day." Anthony Hamilton tweeted live and direct from the studio that he was there with Jermaine Dupri and working out details for his next album. Last June Hamilton told Billboard that he had already written a number of songs for this new disc, and it sounded like it was in the works then. However, here we are months later, and the album is still in the planning stages. But that's all good because according to Anthony this new recording will be chock full of more soulful gems along the lines of his hits "Can't Let Go" and "Charlene." With music like that in the works, take your time, Anthony. Take your time. Peep his tweets right here, and be sure to follow Anthony Hamilton on Twitter.

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3 Responses

  1. Cannnot wait! I'll have to admit, I was pretty doubtful about the direction this new music is going in...but now with El DeBarge back on the scene, Prince, Lupe Fiasco. Anthony, John's gonna be a good yr. I think true R&B and HipHop is makin a come back!

  2. hey man your music has really change my view on life.growing up I grow up around drugs and lived under a shadow of low expatoin
    from my family my brother was a crack head. he did ever drug in
    the book but some how your music change my soil and helpeed me.
    I like pass me over it really shows soul and inter pice with ones mind. I just want to say thank u man really you are the son of real soul music and thats somthing the music world can never take from u thank you agein
    Tyrone thompson


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