Applejac Gets Us In A WMC Mood

I've been on a Soulful House kick for the past few days, mainly because I'm lamenting the fact that I'll be missing yet another Winter Music Conference next week in Miami (although ill Mami will be there to represent for the SoulBounce posse). Someone else who won't be attending WMC but wanted to share some tunes for everyone's enjoyment in preparation for the festivities is DJ and beatmaker Applejac out of Decatur, GA. This morning he blessed the internet with Applejac's Pre-WMC Treats, a collection of 14 remixes to songs by artists such as Bounce-Worthy singers Alison Carney and Jesse Boykins III, SB faves Lalah Hathaway and N'dambi and many others. His remixing style is reminiscent of DJ Spinna, but he brings his own flavor to the table. I've plucked out two of my personal favorites from this set, which I've had on repeat since downloading it. Press play below and prepare to break out into an involuntary soul clap when you do.

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4 Responses

  1. Waiting for Illmami to get up on track 9 of this collection.
    I was HOLLERING through that joint.

  2. @ DJ Stylus:
    You mean the song about "Sex Shoes" and "The Champagne Room"? See you next week!

  3. This is what i needed. Imma househead 4ever at least till i die!!!

  4. This is the hotness & totally has my tip moist.


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