Ask Lalah Hathaway Anything, And She Just Might Answer

If you frequent the popular online haunts Facebook and Twitter, then unless you've been under a rock you've more than likely also come into contact with the latest social media craze, Formspring. While Twitter is a platform for people to say anything in 140 characters or less, Formspring is a site where individuals set up pages to be asked anything and folks can anonymously do just that. Think of it as one continuous, random interview at the hands of just as random people. Well, if you've ever wanted to know something about Lalah Hathaway, then now is your time to ask because she has joined the Formspring nation. As expected, a lot of the questions she's received so far have been about music, but some of the more bold have stepped out there with personal questions. (It's funny how the Internet gives people i-balls gumption.) I love that Lalah's responses are peppered with her signature wit (when asked about her bra size, her response: "big") yet extremely insightful. This is just another stop in Lalah's online journey and an additional way for fans to connect with the soulful superstar.

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  • stoneyisland

    (when asked about her bra size, her response: "big") she aint lying......................Lawd have mercy she aint lying:-)

  • Ron

    Lalah, Where did you study vocal trainng?
    I love you Girl. You are awesome. I am a musician and i saw you on Sunday Best. You mezmorize me. Not to mention you are soo beautiful


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