Dru Hill Love It When You Do ‘WhatchU Do’

Dru Hill is still planning on releasing their new album InDRUpendence Day at some point soon, and the leaks are coming fast and furious. "WhatchU Do" may or may not find a spot on the new set, but it should. Sisqo and the gang redeem themselves ever so slightly for the fiasco of their "Love M.D." video with an uptempo club banger that's got me shaking my shimmy at my desk this morning. I was on the cusp of loving this song until I listened closer to some of the lyrics--particularly the oversexed rap on the bridge--which met at the crossroads of Tacky Street and Trifling Boulevard.
I know it's too much to ask for these days, but can I have my music without a side of filth, flarn, filth?
[H/T: 2DB]

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8 Responses

  1. This is a don't if there ever was one.

  2. Nah, not gonna be able to do it. I need my vocals without 60% or better interference from Enteras. Damn them and the creation of auto-tune. Seriously.

  3. This has a nice beat, but it should be an interlude only. lol

  4. This stinks worser then a truck stop rest room, after a chili convention.

  5. I couldn't get past the 45 sec... not feelin it!

  6. well, it´s r&b - whtchU expect?

  7. Ebsta, you are soooo right. This is R&B............Rubbish & Bullsh*t.

  8. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo mad at Dru Hill!!
    I hate autotune! I'm not understanding why artists can really sing need that terrible device!
    This is a major fail in my eyeballs!
    Not too happy! Can we get 90's Dru Hill back?


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