Ezel & Tamara Wellons Keep Us Dancing In This ‘Lifetime’

I don't mean to brag. I don't mean to boast, but this time tomorrow I will be on a plane headed to Miami for some rest, relaxation, and immersion in some Deep House that I certainly deserve at the Winter Music Conference. Thanks to Ezel, whose mixes I have enjoyed on more than one occasion, and Tamara Wellons--who's blessed many a House track--we now have "In My Lifetime." Enjoy this single from Ezel's forthcoming debut album Secreto, executive produced by Casamena. I'm looking forward to listening to this track while I hurtle through the air on my journey to South Beach and also knowing that I'll be winding deeply to this track at a party very soon. Much thanks to Casamena for the tip.

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  1. Makes me long for sunshine!!!!!
    Need a new Tamara Wellons album asap.


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