Fly Gypsy ‘Wanna Rock’ For Brooklyn

Kowboy Kom and Alexei, better known as the duo Fly Gypsy, brings us a new video set in Brooklyn for their take on Snoop Dogg's "I Wanna Rock." This group has been making waves musically, performing all over the map to promote their CD, Change For a Dollar, and their upcoming FG*XL: remixtape project coming later this month. Their version of "I Wanna Rock" (Fly Gypsy Eastmix) is a remix giving love to Kowboy Kom's hometown of Brooklyn. Kom is one of the more attractive features of this vid--visually (he's a hottie) and lyrically as he flows easily over this familiar beat to show his homegrown love. This is a nice addition to the recent spate of New York anthems and another video to enjoy from these two.

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2 Responses

  1. East coast swagger (yeah, I said it!) yup yup! As much as I would really like to feel some love down here in the South, I am not hating on all this love NY is getting. Every year they churn out some hot new artists with REAL talent, Brooklyn being the biggest factory. And I have to agree, papi's a hottie! And Alexei's a cutie too!

  2. I messes wit FG............................


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